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The Importance Of Notarizing Loan Documents: “Wasn’t Me” Defense

By: Kristen Wetzel Ladd What happens in a situation where an obligor on a debt disputes that the signature on the loan document was that of the obligor? Further, assume that the signature on the loan document was notarized. Many creditors have their loan documents notarized precisely to avoid this nightmare situation: the obligor asserting […]

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The Utility of Confessed Judgments

By: Kristen Wetzel Ladd Pennsylvania is one of the few states that allows judgment to be entered by confession in connection with a commercial credit transaction. Obtaining judgment by confession is desirable for a creditor in that it is usually easier, faster, and less costly than acquiring judgment through normal litigation procedures. There are several […]

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Debtors that Transfer Assets so that there is Nothing Left

By: Kristen Wetzel Ladd For a creditor, obtaining a judgment against a debtor is only the first step to recovering a debt owed.  Executing on that judgment is the next, trickier step to satisfying the debtor’s obligation.  The creditor must find the debtor’s assets in order to levy, attach, and garnish them.  However, occasionally, when […]

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