Protecting Your Estate Plan From Challenges and Attack

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Many clients are concerned because they have heard for or been involved in family will disputes. And, when you go to the time, trouble, expense and effort of executing a will, trust, or other estate planning tools, you want to be sure that they get carried out.

And, while no one can prevent a disinherited heir, or angry beneficiary from mounting a will challenge, there are a number of things that you and your advisors can do to minimize the likelihood of a will challenge and to ensure that will challenges fail if they are commenced.

If you have a plan that gives more of a business or other asset to one or more children than others, if you have a plan that is other than an equal division between or amoung your heirs, if you have a second marriage or children by multiple marriages, then ensuring that your will (or estate plan) is accurate, and that it will survive any challenges is essential.

Please watch this video and click on the link below to see even more techniques.

More techniques for protecting your will and estate plan from attack.

Call for an appointment or a consultation about protecting your estate plan from attack.  David’s paralegal/assistants are Tara, Denise, and Donna

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