Estate Planning For Families With Young Chidren – Attorney David Frees Presents At This Years PBI Estate Law Institue

Estate Planning For Pennsylvania Families With Young Children By: Pennsylvania Attorney David M. Frees III

On Friday, December 12th 2009 Chester County Attorney David M Frees was a faculty memeber at the Philadelphia Convention Center to present his well attended program: Estate Planning For Families With Young Children.

Frees, who spoke for the PBI (Pennsylvania Bar Institute) was asked to return to the event faculty for his second year of presenting on this topic. Frees, who Chairs the Unruh, Turner, Burke and Frees Trust, estate and Wealth Preservation section, taught lawyers from around the state about the most important topics for lawyers representing families with young children and how to best serve their clients.

Frees’ topics included many of the best practices in estate planning including: how to help families to select guardians, 2) the advantages and disadvantages of trusts vs uniform transfers to minors accounts, 3) who should be the trustee?, 4) At what ages should distributions be made and how should you instruct the trustees when you’re no longer available?, as well as how to use 529 plans for Pennsylvania residents and, 5) should parents consider a sprinkle trust where there is an age gap between the children and until they graduate from college?

Other topics included planning to protect children and grandchildren from divorce and lawsuits.

Many of the lawyers in attendance have returned to see David on this topic for more than one or two sessions knowing that they will get the latest thinking and a real overview of the pros and cons of many different estate planning options to share with their clients.

If you need to update a will, trust, or estate plan, or if you are the parent or grandparent of young children and want your plan to truly reflect your thinking and wishes, please call Donna or Denise in the office of David M. Frees III at 610-933-8069. Mention this press release to receive a free copy of David M. Frees’ recent report: The Ten Most Common Mistakes Executors Make and How To Avoid Them.

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