Avoid Probate With Revocable Living Trust In Pennsylvania (PA)

Avoid Probate With A Revocable Living Trust In Pennsylvania (PA). I want to remind everyone to consider a combination of a pour over will and revocable living trust to help avoid probate for your estate. Read here to learn more about the mechanics of a revocable living trust. There are many people who choose to use a revocable living trust because they want to save some time and expense for their beneficiaries by avoiding probate.  Here is a great link to David Frees, Esquire’s review of the probate avoidance debate.  The will and trust themselves are only the first step, you must also properly title all of your assets into the name of the revocable trust during your lifetime in order to fully avoid probate. We often work with clients to prepare the pour over will, revocable living trust and also to retitle bank accounts, stock accounts, real estate and other assets into the revocable trust name. This is likely to have a higher upfront cost for the consumer, but it will likely serve to provide a savings of time and money for the beneficiaries of an estate. The revocable living trust is not an estate planning tool for everyone and it certainly makes more sense for some than others. Using a will alone or a will and a revocable trust is a personal choice that clients make when deciding the best way to accomplish their family estate planning goals. Read here to learn more about the revocable living trust pros and cons.

Please feel free to contact Douglas L. Kaune, Esquire to discuss your particular estate plan and determine if the revocable living trust is right for you.

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