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New Form Act 6/91 Notice as of September 1, 2016

By: Kristen Wetzel Ladd The link below is a new form of the combined Act 6/91 pre-foreclosure notice, which must be sent at least 33 days (30 days plus 3 days for mailing) before commencing an owner-occupied residential mortgage foreclosure, or executing on a “residential mortgage obligation” (which can include a money judgment and/or conformed […]

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PHFA Model Notice – No Safe Harbor – The Extensive Implications of Beneficial Consumer Discount Co. v. Vukmam

By: Kristen Wetzel Ladd The Pennsylvania Superior Court issued a recent decision which may impact many pending mortgage foreclosure actions and cause lenders to look more closely at notices that are sent. The case involved the question of whether the Act 91 Notice (required under 35 P.S. § 1680.403c) sent by Beneficial to a mortgagor – the […]

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